Bar Association in Bolívar demands to open an investigation into the leak of aluminum oxide in Bauxilum

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This Wednesday, September 21st, the Delegated Human Rights Commission of the Bolívar State Lawyers Bar Association demanded that the Public Ministry open an investigation on the uncontrolled emission of aluminum oxide or calcined alumina into the environment.

By La Patilla – Pableysa Ostos

Sep 22, 2022

This irregularity has affected the neighboring communities of the Industrial Zone of Puerto Ordaz. The jurists pointed out that they have already introduced a first docdraftument in the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office.

Javier González, spokesman for the delegation, pointed out that: “we are demanding that the Public Ministry and the Ministry of the Environment open a serious investigation to determine the responsibilities and the scope of this pernicious damage that has been done to the community of Ciudad Guayana.”

He stated that they have data and medical reports from at least 23 families, whose members reported symptoms associated with respiratory conditions after being exposed to the emission of fine dust particles.

“Guayana deserves an explanation. Many people, both children and the elderly, have been affected,” pointed out Mr. González.

The emission of calcined alumina into the environment began on September 5th, but only four days later the state-owned CVG Bauxilum recognized that the dust came from its plant, without openly admitting that it was a leak of calcined alumina.

The Problem Persists

According to the government owned and run company, Bauxilum, they were working to solve the incident. But the Bolívar Bar Association pointed out that the residents continue to be affected by the emission of dust, since they continue to suffer the fallout of particles in their homes and cars.

16 days after the aluminum oxide leak began, the situation persists.

“The emission of dust is typical of the alumina processing activity, but what is neither proper nor natural is that the community is exposed to the inhalation of this dust. The smoke stacks tin place there (in Bauxilum) have a series of filters that are arranged for the protection of the community, workers and environment that are in the area adjacent to the plant,” highlighted González.

The lawyers added that: “we know that there are more people affected, not only those that we have in our registry, but they are afraid to denounce.

“I am sure that in the coming months we will see more people affected admitted in hospitals because of this criminal exposure to the detriment of citizens.”

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